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Database Design News, Issue #30 - Database Normalization-A permanent offer
February 22, 2007

The Look & Feel of a website: Participate

The importance of a website look & Feel

Fellow IT Professional,

In this issue, I would like to ask for some help regarding my website's look and feel:

I have to admit that on many occations I have felt that my website look was a bit lacking, if you know what I mean: I have always been more focused on content rather than look. But I know that the look is important. I have therefore changed my look and feel, but I want your feedback: Is it better or worse? Or: Could I do better?

I want your feedback delivered at

Any feedback would be appreciated.

A Database Design Forum - It's closing in

The forum idea is closing in on me. This website currently has around 2.000 visits/day: it would be nice to construct a serious forum, but I estimate I'd neeed another 1000 visitors/day to make it happen...

If you are interested, please forward this news bulletin to your friends, asking them if they want to participate. If so, I would be starting the forum planning, provided i get some help from you on running it. As earlier mentioned, I ned the help of dedicated and serious forum moderators...

Just give me a call through my contact page if you're interested:

I'd love to hear from you, especially if you have previous forum experience.

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Alf Pedersen
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