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Database Design News, Issue #30 - Database Normalization-A permanent offer
January 29, 2007

The Database Normalization eBook - It's a permanent offer now!

Database Normalization low price -It's now a permanent offer!

Fellow IT Professional,

In this issue, I would like to offer to you a permanent 50% discount for my eBook on Database Normalization:

This eBook was selling great: but after i lowered the price by 50%, it's been an unbelievable experience to watch how the eBook has sold, also in markets (countries) that has never before bought the product.

I have therefore decided that my product should permanently sell for that low price of 18.50 USD, in order for my suscribers to be able to get it at the lowest price I can afford.

I hope that by doing this, more people, from more countries, can afford to get their own copy of the Database Normalization eBook, and the common-language theories explained inside it.

I would really like to see people from distant countries taking advantage of this eBook at my offer from my

Database Normalization ordering page.

I am so pleased to see that customers from far-away countries have found it affordable to invest in their own education.

Remember: Investing in your own education is the best investment you can ever do!

I would have preferred to give it away for free, but the hosting and maintenance costs for my website is making me bleed money: Your help, by buying eBooks, is greatly appreciated.

Once again: Thanks to all of you who purchased the eBook on Database Normalization:

Greatly appreciated, and it will help this website staying alive and well!

A Database Design Forum - It's closing in

The forum idea is closing in on me. This website currently has around 2.000 visits/day: it would be nice to construct a serious forum, but I estimate I'd neeed another 1000 visitors/day to make it happen...

If you are interested, please forward this news bulletin to your friends, asking them if they want to participate. If so, I would be starting the forum planning, provided i get some help from you on running it. As earlier mentioned, I ned the help of dedicated and serious forum moderators...

Just give me a call through my contact page if you're interested:

I'd love to hear from you, especially if you have previous forum experience.

Welcome to new subscribers!

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Hopefully, that means that you have found this site interesting.

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I hope you will stay with this site for a long time. I truly appreciate you being here.

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That's all for now!

Alf Pedersen
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