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Database Design News, Issue #005 - Database Design Member Page
March 11, 2004

Ebooks - free downloads

1. E-R Modeling - Principles download.

I have decided to only let subscribers download a free version of this eBook. If you don't have it already, grab a copy now. I hope you find it useful, and something to reflect upon:

Right-click here to download now.

2. Member Page, neutralized.

In my previous newsletter, I introduced a special members page for you. BUT: I had to remove downloads from the Members page. Reason? A kind subscriber placed the link directly on a closed forum in the Netherlands... :-) So much for confidence, I will see what I do in the future. Sorry about that.

Too bad, really, because the preview of the upcoming Primary keys eBook that I offered to you, and which some of you did, was very helpful. Actually, all who provided me with a preview got a free copy of the Database Normalization eBook. And I also got a few testimonials of that one as well... You can se some of them at Normalization eBook page.
3. How to make an eBook download.

Interestingly, I have have had many questions on how I make eBooks. All over the Net you will find sites trying to sell different tools for quite high prices, so I wrote this one on how to do it without spending a cent.

May be some of you are thinking about writing your own. Do I see competition? :-)

Fine with me. However, if you are, here is my free resource for you for download. If you don't have it already, grab a copy now. And again, as stated above, I hope you find it useful:

Right-click to download.

To new subscribers.

Thank you for joining this newsletter and website. I will try to make it as helpful as possible for you. Do not hesitate to use the Contact us form on the website if you have suggestions for materiale or improvements.

That's all for now!

Alf Pedersen
Database Design Resource main page.

PS. Eilen is the Webmaster of our site. DS.

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