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Database Design News, Issue #49- Database Design Forum
November 24, 2009

The Database Design Forum is UP and running again!

The Database Design Forum is UP and running again!

On Nov. 01, the Forum ISP shut down the forum, because idt didn't warn of a renewal. Happy to say, the forum is now UP and running again:

It is now possible to have advertising on DatabaseDesign Resource!

Does your company use Google Adwords or similar in order to attract potential customers?

If so, there is now a possibility to use as a medium for meeting potential customers.

Just forward this newsletter, or send the below URL to your Sales Manager, along with a short hint/explanation:

Advertising on Database Design Resource!

Welcome to new subscribers!

Thank you for subscribing to the Database Design News! The number of subscribers is steadily increasing each day.

Hopefully, that means that you have found this site interesting.

For complimentary downloads: See further below.

I hope you will stay with this site for a long time. I truly appreciate you being here. Current no. of subscribers as approx. 7.300.

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Complimentary downloads.

For new subscribers: Complimentary downloads are placed on the member page This is the download page for the E-R Modeling Principles eBook!

Hope you find it helpful. Feel free to use my material in your work/education as you like. I am specifically thinking about the E-R ebook, which I have found helpful for non-techies in early SW project stages. Just give it away to others, if you like. I only hope you will credit me/my site with a link in.

Remember that you need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the eBooks. If you don't have it, LEFT-click on the Adobe icon.

Finally: Visit the forums and do participate!

Database Design Forum.

All the best,

Alf Pedersen
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