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Database Design News, Issue #002 - New Articles and new eBooks for download.
December 18, 2003

Many new features on our Database Design website!


1. Building the site
2. New Free ebook on Entity Relationship Modeling
3. A complete Analysis Phase section
4. New eBook on Database Normalization

1. Building the site.

We are working constantly to build this site, as well as joining with other forces on the Net which may bring even more resources to you. I recommend that you check out the whole site, including pages on Web Resources, in case you plan a site of your own some day.

So far, I have worked on building the first two eBooks in a series. These are now released, one is free, the other has a small charge to it. But more on that later.

Our website is still not one month old, yet we have good rankings in Alexa. You may install the Alexa Toolbar yourself to check relative popularity of the websites you are visiting. So far we have stats that indicate several 100s visitors, before we have done any much promotion of the site.

Some of our articles are also soon about to be published elsewhere on the Net. We will inform you more about that in future newsletters.

2. New FREE eBook on Entity Relationship Modeling - Principles

This eBook is a brand new, 30-page insight ER Modeling eBook. It is written for you to learn the principles behind ER Modeling. If you already have knowledge of ER models, this eBook may be a good discussion partner for you. Go to our Lectures page and read more, and then download it, or just print your own copy. If you want to read other eBooks from us, this is a very good eBook to get all the principles first.

Feel free to use it with your customers, too, if they need more insight into what ER Modeling really is.

3. Analysis Phase section.

When writing the eBook on ER Modeling, we published a couple of sections on our page. We will let them stay there, but they are all found inside the ER Modeling eBook. But the content of the eBook is much more than these pages, so be sure to download or print your copy. And, as I said earlier, you are free to use the eBook as a give-away to customers (or colleagues).

4. New eBook on Database Normalization

We have put out our new eBook on Database Normalization for sale through our Lectures page.

This 45-page eBook steps through all Normal Forms considered inportant to Database analysis and Design. There are loads of articles on the net. Common to most of them, is that they use a language which makes it hard to understand.

This eBook is written with plain words, avoiding the confusing definitions normally used in lectures, and it should be really easy to understand especially the higher Normal Forms, such as 4NF, 5NF and Domain/Key Normal Form.

If you are comfortable with what the different Normal Forms really are, you have an egde as a professional, so I hope you will read and study this eBook, which is priced very affordable.

That's all for now! If you are looking forward to Dec. 24th.;
Merry Christmas!

Alf Pedersen
Database Design Resource main page.

PS. Eilen is the Webmaster of our page. DS.

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