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Database Design News, Issue #003 - Database Design blog
January 20, 2004

New features on our Database Design website (and elsewhere)!


1. Database Design blog on ItToolbox
2. Adding AdSense to the site
3. Working on Primary Keys eBook
4. New section Normalization on the website

1. Database Design blog on ItToolbox.

A week ago I was invited to take responsibility for the Database Design blog on I accepted, as it is an interesting way to reach more readers.

Also, they have a huge section of articles for you to read, in addition to our own articles.

A couple of weeks ago, our eBook on Entity Modeling Principles was also published on their site. Perhaps that's why I was asked about the blog.

Anyway, I am not alone there: You will find a dozen blogs on different topics. When I spoke to ItToolbox, they told me they wanted to put strong marketing and promotional efforts on the blog section, so I think (hope) it will be a great success. Time will tell.

My blog is already started, and you may read more here:

ItToolbox blog site The ItToolbox main page

2. Adding AdSense to our site

We have just added AdSense by Google to our site. This context-driven advertising feature makes relevant ads popping up on many of our pages, where it is not interfering with the page content.

This gives you many more options for finding relevant information about the subject of Database Design and related topics. Enjoy.

3. Working on Primary Keys eBook.

Writing has been slow lately, I admit. The reason for this is the workload at the office. I have a few chapters ready, and I aim to publish some of them (temporarily for you) on our site, but priorities are difficult.

However, this eBook will cover many interesting findings on primary (and foreign, of course) keys. Amongst them, the discussion of natural or generated (Autonumber/sequences) keys. I just stumbled across what must be the world's funniest primary key definition I have seen in 28 years! I will share it with you later, because it needs a little bit explainng, and it will be the subject for an entire article....

4. New section Normalization on the website

We have created a new section on Database Normalization on our site. We plan to expand it a little later, but for now we concentrate on adding chapters to the next eBook.

That's all for now!

Alf Pedersen
Database Design Resource main page.

PS. Eilen is the Webmaster of our site. DS.

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