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Database design resourceHi. My name is Alf Alexander Pedersen, I'm Norwegian, and I have held an Engineering degree in Computer Science since 1974.

I have spent about 35 years in the database/software business, working as a programmer, designer, analyst, and CTO/CEO of several consultant companies. I started out by programming in assembly languages, then worked with Fortran, Cobol, and then PL/SQL and SQL for the last 20 years. During that time, I have worked with all kinds of database systems (hierarchical, network, relational).

The last 10-15 years I have mostly concentrated on data analysis, logical database design (applying relational theory on real-life database systems), as well as being a database design QA controller on major projects. All/mostly on Oracle.

I have also participated in several projects over the years, representing Oracle Corporation as a hired hand (some call it a mercenary...).

I have worked on projects for military intelligence, banking, metallurgical industry, oil industry, radio/TV systems, newspapers, governmental systems, and much more, most of it classified/confidential.

I created this site in order to share my life-long experience with all professionals who want to learn more about database design and how to improve yourself for the tough marketplace we have today.

Personally, I have no wives, one lovely granddaughter, and two nice grown up children.

Play around on this site. I hope you'll have an interesting DB learning experience.

All the best,

Alf A. Pedersen
Musegt. 8C
N-9008 Tromso

Cell phone: +47 930 26993

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"I just stumbled accross your site looking for some normalization theory and I have to say it is fantastic.

I have been in the database field for 10+ years and I have never before come across such a useful site. Thank you for taking the time to put this site together."

Mike, USA

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