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Welcome as a new advertiser

By advertising on, you are using your advertising budget in the most efficient way possible, directly addressing a large community of skilled data professionals who are seeking solutions to their everyday tasks.

Let us start by repeating the website structure and which advertising options you have:

The structure and advertising possibilities

The following graph illustrates the overall structure of this website:

Advertize on Database design resource

One/Multiple-Page Advertising:

The Tier 1 level is the homepage of Not available for page ads, but sitewide ads (see further below) will show.

The Tier 2 level pages consists of approx. 10-15 general-content hub pages with 1-2 to 10-15 detailed articles below each: Links to the relevant Tier 2 Ad pages are found in the Navigation bar to the top left: Killer hubs for lots of visitors.

The Tier 3 level consists of approx. 150-180 laser-focused, content-rich pages with highly valuable content, many of them even more trafficed than their Tier 2 hub pages.These pages are containing laser-targeted themed content that hit right into the core of the Search Engines.

Ad size: 400x150 pixels (width x height)

Sitewide Advertising:

In addition, the Right column of the website is available for website-wide ads: These will show on ALL pages of the website, regardless of content, guaranteeing you +120.000 pageviews/month: Always in sight of the visitors. Do compare this exclusive opportunity to your ad budget spending anywhere else.

(Max. 4 ads in total are allowed in the Right column, due to the need for high visibility to the advertiser).

Ad size: 180x125 pixels (width x height)

And of course, other options can be discussed when available and appropriate.

The pricing structure for placing ads on this site is simple and affordable:

Ad Type Price/Month
Tier 2 Main Hub page USD 25
Tier 3 Details page USD 10
Sitewide Ad, Right column USD 300

So, use the Navigation bar on the left to browse what category (Tier 2 and/or Tier 3 page(s)) that you find most appropriate for your particular business needs. Remember, if a particular page only contains Google Adsense ads at the top, below the heading, it can be replaced by your ad.

You should also consider whether you would like a Sitewide presence: Smaller ad size, but visible in the right column on every (ca. 220) page of this website.

That spot is rather exclusive: A total of four (4) ads are the max. no. available at any time.

When done, send me an email (You have arrived here only because I emailed you this URL) with your detailed wishes, and we'll sort out the further process from here, hopefully ending with you as a satisfied marketer, and me as a happy ad solution provider for you: looking forward to mutual benefits for our businesses!


remember, my low prices should be viewed as an introductoru offer only.

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