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This page displays a few statistics from the Database Design Resource website.

The intention with this page is to show you proof of the advertising power this website can supply you with.

Pageviews increase over the last 5 years:


Increase in keyword attention; Search Engine visibility,
including Jan./Feb. 2009. Note: Avg. no. of keywords/month:


Increase in unique visitors to this website:

Unique visitors

Increase in total user visits to this website:

Total visit

Analyzing visitors vs. visits:

I'd like to share some analysis of the last 2 graphs with you: As you can read from them, in 2008 this site had nearly 750.000 visits, but "only" close to 500.000 unique visitors. What does that mean?

In short, it means that more than 50% of all visitors to the site found it so useful, they revisited. And what does that mean?

It means that IT/DB professionals trust and value the information on this site. You can read user testimonials, if you like.

Which in turn means, they are more willing to trust my recommendations (ads) than on a site they only drop by once. It's like doing repeat business: Much easier than the initial sale.

Good for my traffic and reputation, and very good for your ads.

Independent ranking of this website by Alexa:

Many webmasters use Alexa to measure the importance of a website. Database Design Resource has consistently been ranked in the (high end of) Top 1% of all websites on the Internet. Ranking as of today is:

For more detailed stats, see Alexa's traffic details on this site.

For general info on Alexa, visit their homepage.

Independent ranking of this website by Google's Page Rank tool:

Page Rank Check

Feel free to compare my stats to other equivalent advertising channels.

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"I just stumbled accross your site looking for some normalization theory and I have to say it is fantastic.

I have been in the database field for 10+ years and I have never before come across such a useful site. Thank you for taking the time to put this site together."

Mike, USA

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