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Database Design workshop : In-house training.

The Database Design Workshop - Due to suggestions, I am offering a special, unique consulting service to visitors of this site:

Your personal in-house database design training workshop!

The international market for database training courses is rapidly expanding, as the need for knowledge update and continous education grows. It has become a multi-billion USD industry. This is again reflected in rising costs for employers, and the need to send the employees away to expensive, external training courses.

In addition to being expensive, such external training courses are based on generic examples, not necessarily related to your area of business, and can therefore give less than optimum learning effect.

Targeting your specific needs

My database design training will be uniquely tailor-made to your exact needs: I will be discussing your specific needs with you in advance, and together we will be developing a 5-day workshop directly aimed at your area of interest, and at your level of competence.


This means that in addition to having an in-house training workshop, which of course is far less expensive than externally held classes, we will be working together, targeting the exact domain of most interest to your organization! This means getting both a less expensive, internal training course, and a time-limited consulting service in one package.

Running a workshop in-house means no employee expenses for traveling and accomodation. The only person who has to travel is me.

Unique training material

I will be using material from throughout my website, as well as my own eBooks as handouts to the participants. This will again be related to the actual area of interest for the workshop.

Design for performance

The aim of my database design workshop is to bring you and your participants to a higher level of understanding how sound principles in an early stage of a development process will cause you to have high-performing relational databases up and running trouble-free.

This exclusive database design workshop will give you in-depth control of the analysis stage, with implicit database normalization, as well as a thorough discussion on all aspects of primary key definitions, foreign and secondary key considerations, domain and constraint control, database and application architecture, up to a complete set of database creation statements, all based on, and merged with, your specific application needs. We will also discuss function modeling in detail, and how to transform them into SW modules.

As a prerequsite for the workshop, the participants need to understand the principles of Entity Relationship modeling. My free eBook will be emailed to each participant in advance.

Notation and terms from Oracle Designer will be used during the workshop. It is therefore most likely that you are a current, or new, customer of Oracle and their DBMS product range. If needed, the workshop may contain training on the use of Oracle Designer at analysis and design level.

General terms for the database design workshop:

Price : USD 350 per participant/day
Duration : 5 full working days
Min. no. of participants : 6

Documented travel and accomodation expenses will be added.

Real-life experience

This workshop is designed and based on my more than 25 years of experience in database and software design. This experience covers industrial, administrative, media, government and a wide variety of other business sectors.

Long term support

To guarantee your success, I will be personally available to you for weekly consultations for a period of three months after the end of the workshop. I do this to ensure that you get added value for your money. These consultations are free, and they are intended to secure your success.

My motto:

The customer is the business!

To start the planning process of your personalized, in-house workshop, fill out the following Database Design Workshop form and submit it.

Mutual agreement on content

This planning process means no obligation on your part. It is solely intended to find out if this is a suitable solution for your company. I will never accept an assignment I am uncomfortable with, and I see no point in having unhappy customers. I advice you to read my business policy: Analyst Ethics. As we agree on the workshop content, you are guaranteed to targeting your exact needs.

All submitted information is treated highly confidential, and is read only by me. I will be in contact with you as fast as possible, discussing details and needs with you directly.

Best regards,

Alf A. Pedersen
Author and Webmaster

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