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eBooks are increasingly offered on the Internet, and now it's about to come to database design as well. There are numerous different issues and skills that are involved, that together form the fundamentals for achieving high database performance, and which you can use in your database design. My eBook section is intended to supply you with affordable and/or free ebooks in our field of work.
E-R Modeling Entity Relationship Modeling - Principles takes you through the basics of ER diagrams: One-to-one relationships, one-to-many, many-to-many, arcs: Their validity, where to use them; case-studies, single entities, sub- and supertype entities, attributes, and the process of refining an Entity Relationship model until you are ready to create a logical database model which is fully normalized; Flexible, redundancy free, and designed for max performance.

Database NormalizationDatabase normalization. Normalization of your database model ensures you have the best possible chance of achieving high performance and tuning, as you will see. This 50-paqe eBook delivers detailed understanding of the normalization process, with Entity Relationship diagrams, database model examples and SQL SELECT examples. The eBook is also, implicitly, a tutorial in database modeling.

Primary Keys will be coming soon in my eBooks series. It will include all you should be aware of in the analysis and design process of your database, with regards to identifying your rows and maintaining referential integrity. Complete with entity relationship and server diagrams, it will discuss the best techniques for defining your primary and foreign keys, and how you make sure that the appropriate database constraints are put to work, securing referential integrity and high speed performance in your database

Create eBookWhen I started making eBooks and publish them, I soon got emails from webmasters and do-it-yourselfers all over the place about how I did it. Instead of answering each one, I put together a small eBook on the topic, and gave it away for free.

Then I was (of course) asked how they could make a business out of it.

So I enhanced the eBook, detailing all aspects of going into business on the Internet, and made a business out of it... . This eBook is a fast, 117-page read, which nevertheless details all (hopefully) aspects of building your own Internet Business.

In addition, most constructs has been done before, and I will, in time, offer you proven and tested patterns for different areas of design. This section is an introduction to my easy-to-read and affordable eBooks, as compared to:

There are literally thousands of tons of hard copy books aimed at Computer Professionals on the market. Most of them are priced in the 69.95 (does it sound like 70 ?)-100$ category, and only but a few are worth more than 4-7$. I have spent many more hours than I care to think of, reading 800+ pages of a book that really didn't have much new stuff to give. Or they had those 5-10 pages which were of some use to me, but I didn't find them until I had read the other 790 pages.

They are heavy, too.

They aren't there when You need them. If you need information about a topic, let's say if you need to revise the strategy on normalization or primary key definitions, for the meeting at 13.00, today. You don't have the time to wait for shipping of that 800 page, 149.95$ book. You need it right away. Like eBooks.

The Database Design Resource Center is built for that purpose. I am working on releasing a set of 4-5 different eBooks, for this site exclusively. Each of the eBooks will discuss a narrow but specific topic thoroughly, yet it can be read well within a day, and the price will be a fraction of a snail-mail 1 kg. book, for which you can nearly double the price because shipping was not included.

My upcoming eBooks will be instantly downloadable from this site upon accepted credit card payment.

Until each eBook is ready for "packaging", you may find sections of it published on my site for you to read. Until further notice, all knowledge that is compiled, will be free of charge. Why ? I want to encourage my regular visitors to give me feedback as how to create an optimum site, and I highly regard your feedback. Use my Contact Me Form button at the top if you have any suggestions.

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Database Normalization eBook:

Database Normalization eBook

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