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eBook affiliate program Join my eBook affiliate program: If you own a website, you can start selling my eBooks within minutes! I have many webmasters who have signed up as affiliates, and they earn additional money from commissions each month by referring interested buyers to my eBook pages from their websites.

My affiliate program, run by ClickBank, pays out 75% commission to you for each sale, netting you +25 USD just for putting up your own affiliate link to my sales pages!

The reason I have many affiliates, is that my eBooks are listed as popular products on the ClickBank marketplace. My eBook affiliate program generates sales: Read my sales page for the eBook on eBooks, or my sales page for the Database Normalization eBook.

Clickbank is the payment service that I use for customers to place orders. It handles all affiliate contacts, credit card payments, and it also sends you your commission checks each month.

Database NormalizationIf you don't have a website yet, you should definitely get yourself a copy of my eBook on eBooks: It contains additional chapters on how you can become a webmaster with your own site at the fraction of the cost you would spend doing it the traditional route, and I also show you how to easily outperform even major competing websites.

After all, you are here, aren't you?

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What does it cost to become an affiliate?

It's FREE! No costs whatsoever; You will need a ClickBank account, which is free, and a special HTML code (URL) to place wherever you want on your website. When visitors click on that link and order the eBook, you will make a 75% commission on the sale: I split the net sale with you on a 75/25 deal.

How do I signup as an affiliate?

It's very simple: If you don't have a ClickBank account already, by following one of the links below, you can apply for one directly. If you already have a ClickBank account, the link will assist you in generating the necessary code (URL) that you will use to refer customers. And that's about it!

For my eBook on how to create an eBook, just follow this link: Yes, I want to earn extra money on the Internet, and then follow the instructions given, sharing my income on a 75/25 % split with you.

For my eBook on Database Normalization, just follow this link: Yes, I want to sell the Database Normalization eBook, and then follow the instructions given.

When you have a ClickBank account, you can use it to sell both eBooks, if you like: One free account is all it takes.

Can I sell other products as well?

ClickBank has more than 10.000 affiliate products. If you join my eBook affiliate program, with one single, free, ClickBank account, you can promote as many products as you want, from any publisher you like!

All ClickBank products are digital products, which means that they are instantly downloadable: Sales and deliveries are handled on autopilot, 24/7:

  • You don't need to handle customer emails
  • You don't need to ship anything
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  • You don't need to worry about payments: It's ClickBank's job
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This opportunity is the easiest on the Internet today!

Promotional material

eBook affiliate program
eBook affiliate program

You can use these eBook covers wherever you want for your own promotion efforts with my eBook affiliate program: Right-click on the appropriate cover image and choose "Save Picture As" or equivalent, then use it to your liking.

If you need/have suggestions for additional promotional material or advice, you can Contact me here.

Just go for it; you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain by being an affiliate for electronic products!

Welcome on board to extra income for you!

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