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SBI Website Design:
The toolset I use to create this site

SBI Website Design: The set of tools I'm using to manage this (and a couple others) site is called SBI! by Sitesell, Inc. It is a Canadian Web design tools and hosting company, and much, much more, as you will learn. Please, for your own best, read all of the links beneath.

It is actually a business model for any website-to-be.

Honestly, I could not have done this site without their business model, complete design tools, and hosting.

You are most likely reading this because you are interested in something similar, so I'll give you a few links on the SBI Website Design proven approach to Internet success in order to let you see the big picture. But first:

Before we go, there's a few things I'd like to mention, and this is very important: A website is all about traffic and attitude.

Traffic is the lifeblood of any website. How many superb site designs have you seen, that have gone down the drain because they had no traffic? I'd say 90-95%. No kidding. And you know it's true.

Building a website is much, much more than design.

  • It is about valuable content (I hope I'm in that league...).
  • It is about drawing traffic (in the 3-4.000's each day, like my site).
  • It is about putting the visitor's interests in the driver's seat (I believe I do).
  • It is about competition and how to handle it (I can compete with everyone; it's just fun..).
  • It is about knowing how to monetize your site and put it into action, in due time (being aware of what you do, and what comes first: Important priorities.).

and so on and on...

for more about these issues and how important they are, read more about the model for a successful website and the importance of traffic.

The SBI Website Design tools that I use are taking care of all those elements, given that I follow the process. My site is proof, and you can actually find the proof here (look under the "Miscellaneous" section if you want to find out how I am doing): Success examples

You can read about a few of many success stories here: Personal Success stories.

You may like to watch a 3-minute TV session about the tool I use. Well, actually, how you can put it to work for your own profitable Internet business, whatever niche you'd prefer.

It is well worth watching. Just click on the TV below:


I also invite you to "waste" 30 minutes watching the following video about SBI Website Design (if you did not watch it on the TV above): It may well be the most important 30 minutes you have ever spent on the Internet. Just my opinion, of course, but never the less: My opinion.

This 5-year old website has around 3.500- 5.000 visitors/day (increasing) and 1.5 million page views/month (increasing), is financed by ads and my eBooks, and it is ranked very well (top 1% of all websites in the world: See further below. Would you believe?

Just my 2 cents worth of argumenting, if you wish. But if you pay attention to the video, it might just enable you to leave your JOB (Just Over Broke).

Click on the videocamera to take the video tour:

SBI Videotour

After having watched that, I'll give you a challenge: is the independent Internet ranking machine:

Here is how this site is ranked (by Alexa) on the World Wide Web:

Click on the above ranking image and check YOUR company's URL. I bet you I'll beat it, unless you are working for some REALLY big company... Anyway, I am sure you will be interested in seeing how a one-man show is doing against your workplace...

Consider the tool I am using, for your own benefit. It works: You are here. Amongst thousands of other people each and every day. That's proof.

Ahh... one last thing: If you have been fooled into thinking that you can create a profitable website with and a few free/"cheap" tools, just go on. Actually, I urge you to do a price comparison of "competing" products. It should be very enlightening.

You may also be wasting valuable time on scams instead of building a real business. Would you waste your most precious possessions (your time and money) in order to build an Internet failure? If not, start reading here.

I really would love to see you succed on your first attempt (like me, actually).

All the best to you,

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