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seperate schema per customer with duplicate database objects in each

I worked as a DBA for a company that provided a custom application that ran on a single server and database instance. The company had several clients which connected to the centralized server and database instance. New customers were being added very quickly as the company grew.

The problem was that the database was designed such that each customer had a seperate schema with exact duplicate database objects (tables, indexes, stored procedures, etc.) in each schema for each customer. There was no reason for this approach and it sure made everything related to maintenance, admin a nightmare. Not to mention that this approach did not scale very well at all as new customers were added. There are so many things wrong with this approach and it caused so many headaches. I will leave this to your imagination.

A seperate schema for each customer could have been used for login security but there was no need to duplicate the database objects in each schema.

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There was no reason for this approach and it sure made everything related to maintenance, admin a nightmare.

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Mar 05, 2014
My collegues wanna do just the same thing NEW
by: Ann

I can totally agree with you and it must be a nightmare.
Our system now is still in planning stage and some of my collegues come out this idea and insist to do that.
I worked as a DBA for several years and cannot image how it will go with such a stupid DB design.
I really hope you can help me knock their heads and stop them to do so.

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