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Your Worst Database Design Experience? Share it here, first-hand!

I'd like to hear your own, personal story about the worst Database Design Experience you've ever had: There are so many projects that have failed miserably due to really bad database "design", and this page will tell the stories. Tell YOUR story, and share your experience with my daily thousands of visitors.

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Let us all hear your story about your worst database design experience!:

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An ETL nightmare 
I recently spent more than a year supporting a custom ETL written with Oracle pl/sql comprised of ~100 packages per customer schema, each with varying …

collecting requirement badly 
We collected requirement for an assetmanagement company. We created admin screens, user profile screens, data entry screens and got signoff. After collecting …

seperate schema per customer with duplicate database objects in each 
I worked as a DBA for a company that provided a custom application that ran on a single server and database instance. The company had several clients …

Look in the OLD fields 
We have a vendor who's wonderful software is written in COBOL with a semi-relational structure (the relationships are not enforced and cannot be relied …

Object Relational Overkill 
Perhaps you recognize the architect who thinks everything java is fantastically wonderful, but databases are a lot of trouble. The java architect … 
we have developed a web based application for one of the shipping companies in india. this company get clearences from various bodies for the ship operators …

Inventory system 
I designed a database on SQL server, this is a inventory system and POS System. I stored all Purchase order, Purchase Invoice, Purchase Return, Stock in …

My Fault 
When designing my first several databases, I asked the client if any field, item or bit of information about the data in the table was ever going to be …

The worst database as my prespective 
I think that the worst database is which that has redundant data which lead to increase the database size and decrease the performance _____________________________ …

Hornet's Nest 
I worked in the IT department of a software firm in Canada for several years on a project designed using Visual Basic 6 and Oracle 7. The application's …

Oracle Developer 
I was hired as a developer on a "mature" project, still running on Forms & Reports 6.0 (not 6i) in 2006. My job consisted of fixing problems in a …

What is SQL. Let's Google it. 
First of all. I like al the articles. My story is one that is still happening today. I started my career at a Dutch company as a System Administrator. …

Ranges of Ids 
In the company I am working for my boss refuses to believe surrogate keys shouldn't be a range of numbers for different objects. I.e. 4000-4999 for …

relationships - that doesn't hurt 
A huge company, a huge and terribly expensive system. About 300 tables in db wihout any relationships. They were substituted by triggers. Nice?

Using a Sequence instead of a year number 
Using a Sequence instead of a year number: I just have to tell you this one: While working as a DB QA manager in a large DB project, upon revision of …

composite primary key hdr table PK - > hdr ID item table PK - > item ID Line table PK -> hdr ID , item ID This will create several issues. In …

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