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The analyst ethics and business.

You have done the job, and a complete (?) Entity Relationship model, with Function Hierarchies, Events, and Business Constraints are all in place.

And, when conditions change, and the customer needs to order a rewrite, is he happy? No.

If he knows he can just create a new customer type in the CUSTOMER_TYPE table and then go on, without calling you, will he be happy then? I think so.

This is the responsibility of the system analyst: Giving the customer flexibility for future growth and change, without those costly rewrites. As a consultant you may disagree, you may just love those rewrites; an income generating tool! But I can assure you: In the long run, you will win by building flexibility and room for change for your customer.

I just read somewhere on the Internet: In the good old days, a dissatisfied customer would tell his frustration to 6 others; in the days of the Internet, he will tell it to 6.000 others.

I would not have appreciated that.

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